Ben Grider

At one point, Eugene Grider had over 70 cars to his name, all in some stage of repair or teardown. Benjamin Grider now has only one car—as parking in Los Angeles is a bit more limited than on the plains of Colorado—but he has the same excessive and consuming passion for automobiles as did his grandfather. Having already received a degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado, Grider is currently studying Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design. "Every form of design is intriguing to me, but designing cars for a living will be the fulfillment of a dream.” While much of design, the drawings and ideation, is 2-D, Griders background is decidedly 3-D. His hands-on experience includes building, co-driving a pro rally car and time spent under the hood of classic automobiles like his grandfathers 1956 Chevy. "I want to draw them, design them, drive them and race them—It’s like an addiction. I blame my family, its in my genetics." Grider, a self-professed speed junkie, is fueled by all things fast and physical—be it skiing, downhill mountain biking, or motorsports.