Jangir Maddadi

Jangir Maddadi was born in 1979 in Iran. He fled with his family to a refugee camp in Iraq when the war between Iran and Iraq broke out in 1980. Jangir and his family were granted a residence permit in Sweden, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNACR).

He graduated in June of 2004 with a degree in Product/Graphic Design from The University of Design in Kalmar, Sweden. Immediately after he established his own design firm, I Do Design.

Jangir designed his first product at age 6, a mousetrap for his grandfather who was having a problem with mice in his stone house. It worked perfectly, and with good form and function. Life in the camp was finite, so design was focused on things necessary for survival, not on luxury objects soley for decoration.

The close collaboration with Playsam has had a positive impact on his development as designer and speaker of the design language. His work for Playsam spans the continuum of graphic design to product design and product development. Besides work with Playsam he has put his soul into creating new designs of his own for his own company I Do Design.