Playsam designers

Designer: Antonella Tolve

Antonella Tolve

Born in 1975, Antonella Tolve is graphic designer and digital artist. She graduated at Academy of Arts where she attended a MASTER of MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS too. Even if the great interest in advertising, she never put aside her passion for contemporary art. So, four years ago, she develops a graphic-artistic idea: a digital art project named PIT-POP. It mix up MINIMALISM and POP ART.As digital artist she has partecipated in group and solo exhibitions in various italian cities. She is just starting to collaborate with

Designer: Björn Dahlström

Björn Dahlström

Björn Dahlström is one of Sweden's premier furniture and industrial designers. His product designs are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and are often distinguishable by their soft, fundamental forms. Those who have commissioned work from Dahlström include Playsam, Kasthall, Hackman/Iittala, Skeppshult, Fjällräven, Pukeburg and Atlas Copco. He has earned a series of awards and prizes both national and international, including Excellent Swedish Form (8 times), Furniture of the Year, Pleasant Home, Design Plus Prize, Frankfurt. He is also represented at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and Victoria and the Albert Museum in London. Dahlström has worked as a professor at Konstfack and has taught at Beckmans School of Design.

Designer: Eva Schildt

Eva Schildt

Eva Schildt studied furniture and product design at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Sweden where she graduated in 2001. The same year she started working as an independent designer. Her commercial work has covered a wide range of commissions including furniture, products, textile design, accessories, packaging and curating. She often draws inspiration from nature, adding a poetic or humorous twist and plays with the forms and objects of our daily life. As well as working as a designer she has been a visiting lecturer at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Iceland Academy of the Arts and most recently at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Designer: HC Ericson

HC Ericson

HC Ericson is a professor in graphic design and one of Sweden's leading graphic designers. He has attracted much attention with his book art formed of his own books -- books that he has authored, illustrated and designed. Over the years, he has collaborated with many companies, such as Lammhults, Kosta Boda, Vin & Sprit and Ikea. He has also had numerous additional exhibitions at Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, The Royal Library in Stockholm and The Royal Library in Copenhagen. Ericson has also earned several awards and distinctions, including Excellent Swedish Form, The Gold Egg and Swedish Book Art, The Platinum Egg and Söderbergs Nordic Design Award.

Designer: Jonas Forsberg

Jonas Forsberg

Jonas Forsberg has studied product design for five years at the Linnaeus University School of Design located on the grounds of the old Pukeberg Glassworks in Småland, Sweden. During this time some of his work caught the eye of Playsam’s CEO Carl Zedig that would subsequently lead up to his inclusion among the company’s line-up of designers. His first ever product was an interpretation of the famous 1924 world land speed record holder Mefistofele and was a direct result from the collaboration between the Fiat Automotive Company and Playsam. With a firm interest in everything motorized his designs are characterized by simple yet strong lines heavily influenced by a bygone era but always sporting a modern twist.

Designer: Patrik Pettersson

Patrik Pettersson

Patrik Pettersson is a lawyer who was retrained as a product designer at the Beckmans School of Design. His final project -- the exhibition, "Experiment as a Foundation in the Design Process" -- has received the Elle Interiors special honor of grant and has been shown at the Future Design Days Fair, as well as The Home and House Fair in Stockholm. He has already taken part in numerous exhibitions, including London Design Week, Paris Maison & Object and The International Furniture Fair Milan. Today Pettersson works with a variety of companies around Europe, including Habitat, The Cullberg Ballet, Playsam and Artek.

Designer: Robert Silesius

Robert Silesius

Robert Silesius is an interdisciplinary designer from Sweden. With roots in computer science, he began his transition by doing interface design. From there he got a full bachelor degree in product design in 2007 and then a master degree in vehicle design in 2011 at the prestigious Royal College of Art. This long journey has given him a problem solving, user centered focus. He has worked as an interaction designer and product designer, and exhibited at the Stockholm International Furniture Fair, Sustain RCA Show and the London Transport Museum.

Designer: Ulf Hanses

Ulf Hanses

Ulf Hanses is a playful functionalist with both depth and character. He has been with Playsam since its early stages and among other things, has designed Playsam's well-known Streamliner. The foundation for Hanses design work is toys with form, volume and proportion. Among those who have commissioned work from Hanses are Boda Nova, Ikea, Playsam and Handitech. Hanses has taken part in numerous design exhibitions both national and international and is represented at the Tokyo Toy Museum and Japan Toy Museum, among others. On numerous occasions, he has earned the distinction of Excellent Swedish Design Form.